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Egypt and e-invoicing

In Egypt, certain VAT-registered businesses must issue electronic tax invoices that include the electronic signature of its issuer and the standard code for the good or service subject to the invoice approved by the Egyptian tax authorities.

The Egyptian authorities had selected as part of the first wave 134 companies for mandatory e-invoicing rollout. KGT supported two significant taxpayers (large MNCs) and those companies have the SAP add-on solution operational.

That includes any problem solving from a round-off (standard SAP not in line with Egyptian tax rules) or other practical issues that came up. We have version 1.0 functional that contains the digital signature of the invoice. The lower version 0.9 does not require a digital signature.

The authorities have selected the next wave of 350 taxpayers. KGT has a proven solution and a process to implement quickly within 3 to 4 weeks. The key benefits:

  • Digital Signature Integration
  • Decimal Points calculation to meet Tax Authority 5 decimal point requirements without changing SAP Rounding up or Down Configuration
  • Improved digital taxpayer experience
  • Validate invoice items and data for parties before issuing
  • Help company to make reports and quick accurate analysis for the purpose of decision-making support
  • Reduce the administrative burden, cost of transactions and the need to archive paper invoice
  • Reduce the administrative burden, cost of transactions and the need to archive paper invoice procedures

A client project manager message to the entire team:

"It is with great pleasure that I announce that we are SUCCESSFULLY LIVE with Egypt E-Invoicing Project. The Go Live was kicked off early in the morning today. Though we faced initial hiccups with the connectivity, this was later addressed and we could see successful invoices flowing in to the government portal. The success can be measured by the fact that we have successfully processed all valid invoices posted till today. Stress testing was done by posting 65 Invoices Together and all processed successfully. Through the course of these 3 Months , the solution was changed multiple times by the government. The latest change coming just a few days before Go-Live. There were times when each of us was swamped and overwhelmed; however, all of the project team members stayed the course and worked hard. After testing the system End to End multiple times we made the commitment to move forward by going live this weekend."