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SAP VAT healthcheck

KGT offers an SAP health check specifically on SAF-T and e-invoicing tax reporting requirement that local authorities have implemented as an almost (real-time) tax audit to combat VAT fraud. Our method is based on the legal tax requirements defined in XML/JSON format and local VAT rules in force.

Although we offer a fully SAP-integrated solution to submit requested tax data in an automated way, it is essential to review whether that data is correct and complete and meets the tax requirements.

KGT delivers SAP health checks for its major clients, and the outcome was that quite some changes in SAP had to be made to avoid either future questions by the tax authorities or announcement of a tax audit when data is submitted. The tax authorities are aware that the SAP setup itself is often not in order and that tools outside the ERP system are used to remediate and manipulate tax data outside of SAP to improve tax reporting.

To execute the legal requirement without human intervention is to force taxpayers to remediate the ERP VAT setup or use Excel sheets or similar tools outside the ERP system that contain digital links when data outside of SAP is altered. An incorrect SAP setup could result in inaccurate and incomplete data during submission.

Our assessments will identify critical gaps and result in an overview of improvement areas and how to remediate these SAP weaknesses. The advantage is that we can not only consult but actually can do the remediation work ourselves.