New Country Rollouts

Germany and e-invoicing starting January 2025

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Spanish mandatory e-invoicing - earliest in 2025

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Poland e-invoicing postponed again

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France postponed until September 1, 2026

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Discover your advantages when all KGT SAP add-on modules work together

KGT offers a comprehensive solution for the entire SAP VAT/GST life cycle, effectively meeting all user needs when all KGT SAP modules operate. Below, KGT explains how its SAP add-ons can bolster your tax strategy and generate the essential outputs for tax planning, accounting & reporting, tax compliance, and audit defense objectives when used in conjunction.

KGT launches its SAP add-on data analytic module for all of its clients

Your organization can utilize the module for periodic tax risk management before and after tax reporting submission or for planning purposes. The SAP add-on extracts transactional data, performs validation checks to ensure tax compliance, and creates a blueprint for the current SAP VAT setup. Additionally, it can compare systems during SAP consolidation projects and support mapping exercises for tax reporting solutions.

KGT launches its Intrastat SAP add-on module

KGT launches its Intrastat SAP add-on module. KGT has designed an optimum process in its SAP add-on. Intrastat reporting is one of the most complicated reports. Intrastat reports are primarily based on the Sales and Distribution and the Materials Management modules, as the movement of goods data is the starting point for the Intrastat reports. Intrastat is different from VAT reporting as the primary source of VAT reporting is the SAP Financial Accounting module. Manual corrections are time-consuming and sometimes impossible.

About Us

For the success of our clients, we connect 'Taxation, Technology', and Controls'

KGT is recognized as a leading boutique for 'Taxation and SAP' by our clients, employees, and business partners.

We develop and install turn-key SAP add-ons that enhance standard SAP to timely submit tax reporting, and that improves SAP's standard VAT determination logic. We offer a fully SAP-integrated solution to submit the requested tax data in an automated way. It contains cockpit functionality for go-live testing and tax risk management onwards. The SAP add- on solution is capable of receiving, check and verify invoice data sent by the taxpayer with immediate access to accounting data.

Besides that, we offer bridging software and MacroExcel solutions for multinationals within Europe to submit, and prepare tax reporting with digital audit trails of any manual changes and VAT control functionality.

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